Welcome to the about section of Writers Realm.  Here's where you can find out what Writers Realm is all about. 

     In Writers Realm, all enthusiastic authors are given the opportunity to create a profile page about him or herself.  It is a great chance for readers to get to know the writer and provide feedback via email.

How to set up a profile
Upon submitting at least 4500 words of writing or writings, the writer will be asked to fill out the profile.  If however, you've already done so and have not received the link, you may go ahead and fill it out anyway.  Simply answer a few simple questions such as birth date, occupation, likes, and dislikes, and you'll be set.

About passwords
Passwords are needed in order to edit a profile.  Obviously, if the password does not match the original one entered, Writers Realm will not make the specified profile updates.  If you have forgotten your password, simply submit your email address and Writers Realm will email it to you.

Updating a profile
Writers Realm uses form mail so any updates you make to your profile will not show up instantly.  The webmaster has to update the profile manually.  So try to keep updates to a minimum of once every two weeks.

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