Welcome to the about section of Writers Realm.  Here's where you can find out what Writers Realm is all about. 

     Although Writers Realm hasn't been around for that long, its predecessor, The Story Domain (TSD), has.  Spawned from its original "write - publish" intentions, Writers Realm hopes to become bigger and more user-friendly than TSD ever was. 

     After a little over a year of sporadic updates, TSD finally died November 26th, 2000.  Frontpage 2000 ceased to publish TSD's files and the site was soon abandoned.  At that time, there were over 50 stories and poems published on the site.  A good number of writings for anyone to read, but still, very few in comparison to the other writing sites out there.

     Then on April 11th of 2001, The Story Domain announced the return of a new writing site, under the project name of "Writers Realm".  After a long two months of slacking off, gathering ideas, and sketching layout after layout, Writers Realm was finally completed.  But because of the webmaster's perfectionist ideals, the site was quickly scrapped because of its lack of "jazz".  It simply was too plain. 

     After another month of slacking off, gathering ideas, and sketching layout after layout, the sixth and final Writers Realm layout was finally completed.  The final layout is this easy-going, blue thing you see before you.  Now let's hope that Writers Realm will not suffer the same fate as The Story Domain. 

     Enjoy the writings and continue to submit your own for online publication!

Writers Realm Webmaster,
David Kuo