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Name: Picabo Brooks
Born: October 9, 1981
Location: Virginia
Occupation: Food Service

Favorite Site

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I like...
writing, pandas and monkeys, hanging out with my friends, going to car shows, air shows, and concerts, Donald Duck (my dad does a great impression), and horseback riding.

I dislike...
working (ugh), open doors (call me a freak)

Say Whatever...
I want to give shout outs to Jamie, Levi, Cheryl, Pooga, Willy, T-Bird, the whole McD's crew, and the Food Lion stock crew!! You guys know who you are!!!


Title Type Words Date
The Mirror Poem 46 04.25.02
Basis of Confusion Poem 81 04.25.02
Blue Poem 63 04.25.02
Like a Bonsai Poem 28 04.25.02
Cheyenne Poem 101 04.25.02
Daddy Poem 97 04.25.02
My Tree Poem 53 04.25.02