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DK vs. Di - Freestyle Battle

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DK vs. Di - Round 1

Now people call me the DK
It's not for show and tell
Its the initials from my name
Get it right or you will definitely pay!
Now what do you gotta say?
I've got ill rhymes
and I'm nearing the top of my game
I know I look good, but you, get wit the times
You look like a bum
Here homeless, here are some dimes
But man, just look at your shoes
You an uglyass fool
Compare that to my clothes, which they all brand new
Man, you ain't got no style
Just take your sorry ass home
Along with that crooked-ass smile!

i know i look like a bum
but you dont know where im from
my style rip you apart from the chest
so just go back to playin cs
and leave the rhymin to real mc's
dont fuck with me cause ill put you on yo knees
take those dimes back and by yoself some new clothes
matter fact have someone help you with yo flows
ya shit is whack
ya shit is garbage
and as a matter of fact
tell ya moms to stop callin
im done hittin it from the back
dont try to come back
or else you'll catch a smack
right ya face
so please just know that yer just a disgrace


DK vs. Di - Round 2 (lots of CounterStrike lingo here)

Yo, my name is Dave
And CS is what I play
You tryin tah fight against me?
Man, quit dreamin'
I'll murder you with my awp
If you a versatile lil' hoe, 
I'll finish you off with my usp
Cuz the bombsite is where i gotta go
Don't stand in my way
Or you'd just be staring at the monitor all day
Man, fuck your skills
Quit trying
The only thing you're good at
Is the beginning when you be buying
Well, whatever it is
It can't compare to this
Playing with one hand
And the other smoking a Red
You better watch yourself n00b
I'll shoot you in the head
Two shots, pop pop
Oops, there you go, you're dead

yo dave
didnt yer mom ever teach you to behave
not to open yo mouth when u aint got shit to say
dont even try to use yer gay-wp
ill bust my ak out so everyone can see
how i murder gaymasta's faggedy ass
you better pull out yer usp to run fast
cause when im comin no one can stop it
and everyone ducks and covers when i spit
ill find you at that bombsite and kill you
matter fact ill do that and defuse too!
i wonder why hes playin with one hand
ohhh cause hes got his dick in the other hand
why you ask shit i dunno
maybe cause he cant even get a ho
nigga please you aint even that nice in cs
you just a noob in a clan members dress


DK vs. Di - Round 3

DK (some CS lingo here) 
Man, think you're game is tight?
Quit daydreamin'
The only thing tight here 
Is the grip you got on your dick, right?
Man, I don't need no awp to fuck you up good
I'll just spray the MP5 and still rape you all night
Or better yet
To groove with the "DK Jiggy"
I'll bite a small one off the Notorious Biggy
Cuz "I'll slay
With my AK
From far away"
Do not come close
Cuz then you'll be gayed
Man, call me what you want, I'll still hide in corners
With the time at 30
Y'all know I'd be playing mad dirty
So forget it, you newbie bastard
The Joker ain't nothing compared to me
Just drop to your knees and feel the power of the Webmasta.

(did two cuz i was on fire)

Yo, your rhymes are flat and borin'
Quit trying to wow the crowd
Man, they already be snorin'
I know you trying to look hard-corin'
But man, it just ain't workin'
You look like a circus fuck
With your baggy pants and dirty shirt
And your face look like too many dicks had roughed it up
Quit trying to be tough
We all know that you're just one nastyass pussy
So start flowin' to the beat
And dammit, quit beating your meat
Why don't you go grab yourself a beer
What you drunk? Damn!
You ain't a man!
Or should I call you dear?
Dear, go bendover while your daddy here hits it from the rear
While I go mess with yo girl and she be giving me 3 cheers
"Oh Davey, where you been?
I can't stand my man
I've missed you so much and I need something in!
May I use your dick as a straw and drink my slurpie?
Cuz my man's got a fucked up dick
Bumps and sores, lookin' like it got herpes"
Then I'd be like, "baby, sure
Open up, I'd like to hit it through the back door"
Then, I'll hit it from the front, cuz you know that whore
She loves cock and my cock too
Cuz I'm sorry fool
You just have pebbles compared to my rock
Forget condoms, man I need a freakin' tube sock

uh oh look out dave's in the room
oh shit wait hold on lemme get my broom
so i can shove it up yo ass i know you like that
shit everyone knows it its a well known fact
son ima have these hollow points follow you
cause not even diallo know what amado
shit you prolly didn't even get that last rhyme
its prolly str8 rackin yo mind
so while you try to figure it out
ima put my dick in yo mouth
oh yeah so you've been fuckin my girl?
nigga please dont make me hurl
she likes a man with a big dick
not a man with his shit lookin like a clit
ding ding ding ding we have a winner
dave please stand up and show us yer member
or should i call it mini-me
cause with yo little dick you wish you were me
but ya not ya bitch as version
yo dick is like a ford astro compared to my excursion
my girl told me you fucked and said you was a fuckin wangsta
she said u couldnt get it up and that u need viagra
shit i know why u say forget condoms cause nigga you aint shit
ya fuckin dick is so small they dont even fit
its fuckin smaller than a little baby's dick
dont ever talk about my girl again ill str8 kill ya
matter fact how about i stick this nade up yo ass
oh shit now yo ass is grass
oh damn now u done got me started
did yo mom ever tell you you're retarded
its prolly cause she had that threesome with me and yo dad
oh yeah your the daughter that they wish theyd had
so please get off my dick and stop comin with these whack ass rhymes
bitch get off this plane this world is mine


DK vs. Di - Round 4

You ain't got that big of a log
Saying you got an Excursion
Forget that, you sound like a cocky Snoop Dogg
The nasty, ghetto version
Man, I'm the DK
And you better not play
You'll get fucked up
Don't get excited, cuz you ain't gettin' laid
I'll slash you with my blade
And that'll be the last thing you see
Feelin so much pain
2Pac be turning in his grave
You think you got a big dick
That's just your imagination
You messed up, its actually called a clit
And now you be facin'
Lookin' all scared and shit
You're so insignificant
If I killed you today
Tomorrow, nobody'd be missin'
So I'll stick a fork up yo' ass, cuz you done
Quit playing, its over son
Think you're ready for the game?
Man, you've just been played.

dont try to come strong with that whack as rhyme
just cause u try to rhyme line after line
but you aint sayin shit most of the time
ya talkin out ya asshole
son dont be mad cause i fucked yo ho
or what u like to call yo moms
son when i spit i drop bombs
nigga you just mad cause i get more pussy than tampons
dont talk about my dick
you gay prick
you just mad cause you stuck with that little asian dick
and all you can do after this is go play cs
while im going out to go rhyme with the best
you better go to bed
cause my rhymes hurt ya head
make you feel like you been shot dead
oh yeah i remember u sayin youd spray me with that smg
well man be careful cause ima pull out my bbd (big black dick)
the whole world will see
how much of a bitch you really are
so dkc
make sure that before you go to bed you lock yo doors
or else ima come in to take all yo whores
just remember dog who you fuckin wit
cause when i spit
itll feel like i came all over ya face
but then again prolly be a better look for you
since u look like my dogs doodoo
oh yeah just so you know yer rhymes are faulty
yo spastic ass needs to go back to eating pussy that tastes salty


DK vs. Di - Round 5

Man, just because you black
That don't mean that you can rap
Quit trying fool
And stop trying to bang me from the back
I ain't gay
But I know you are, Mr. Didiay (however you spell your name)
You be standing in the corner giving me dirty looks
Thinking, "which position should I use from that Kamasutra book?"
Dude, get the fuck away
Damn man, you really are gay!
Man, your style is so wack
Even your mama said to the doctor, "Please push him back!"
You no talent hack
Freestylin' against you is like no challenge
Its no wonder, I rejected you from Zero Talent
And the only part of freestylin' you got is the free
Cuz you a bum, and you cheap
Man, sit down and drink my Tapioca Milk Tea
As for the part of the style
You ain't got none
Go watch and learn from the movie, 8 Mile, son

is that all you could come up with
shit maybe you need to lay off drinkin that fifth
cause yer rhymes are gettin shittier and shittier
and makin yo face look even uglier
even if i was gay i wouldnt go fo yo busted ass
him callin me gay and im gonna put u in a body cast
when im thinkin about which position i should use from that kamasutra book
im actually given yo mom and yo sister a look
i'll fuck em both and become yo dad and brother in law
if you can im sure you'll want to forget what you just saw
its a terrible sight oh yes it is
its me ripping ya balls off and makin sure you aint havin no kids
cause another fuckin zero talent cat would be shitty
whatevr yall all suckin on rob's titty
you're a pussy and so is you group
you're a pussy and so is you group
you're a pussy and so is you group
like how i put tha shit on a loop
cause you really need to hear it
ya no talent ass really needs to quit
if you say my style is whack
then u need to get off the crack
ya damn str8 my moms said to push me back
she knew she'd just unleashed a terror onto this world and now im comin for you
you callin me cheap when yer cheaper than a jew
oh i did go watch that movie, oh wait i cant say that
cause i was actually fuckin yo sister in the back
so did the security guard, usher
and yer fuckin mother
so nigga please stop replyin to this
my style is so hot it burns when i piss


DK vs. Di - Round 6

Di (response to DK's Round 1 vs. Christina)
no you didnt just play me
son didnt i bust you in the last free
damn son u need to learn ya lesson
ya gay ass needs to start confessin
that im just the better man
yer just a faggot ass stan
sho nuff after this battle ill be glowin like lee roy
so stop tryin to get at me little boy
and like sho nuff im the meanest
the badest
and the coolest muthafucka u ever gonna battle wit
so please get off the stage with a spit
son im better than u and its a well known fact
ill havein u lickin my neck
my back my ass just like that
make u wanna steal my rhymes like that bitch khia
cause u just a busta and my shit be FIYA!!

Yo, you're a dick
An insignificant piece of shit!
Your body's a pussy and your head is the clit
I might be imagining, cuz I've been taking too many hits (trees, ya ignant fool)
You gotta stop trying, cuz now I've got some real shit
You're a dumb dick
And that's fo' sho, period
I know that you couldn't even make any of the ZT cuts
In fact, you so stupid, you got caught making donuts
But you got a chalky ass that's so pasty
So you be rollin' in yo' girls car, gettin' chased by campus safety
But you a dumbass, fool
You didn't even step it and you stopped at the stop sign too
Man, you can't drive
Son, take the bus, here, you can borrow a five
And that ain't just your first time
I remember when you turned on a red light
Man, you dumb... it was in some copper's sight
And yeah, the Joker got pulled over
He got a ticket and was about to get arrested too
It ain't cuz his scaredass was shaking even tho he sober
Nah... its cuz the cop was white and Di be a black dude!
Now he's scared to drive, like a little baby
"I don't wanna get another ticket!
Man, the cops here, they be wicked"
Yeah, I feel you too
Just so you know, I ain't raggin' on your skin color, man
But turning left on a red, damn!
They should throw your retarded ass in the can!
In fact, your license should be banned
And just so you know
this ain't yo' world
I get shit here my way
You know why? Cuz we're in the land of the DK.


DK vs. Di - Round 7

oh shit now dave is hittin me with written rhymes
cause he know his freestyles cant beat me at any time
least my shit is str8 off the top
you better duck down b4 u hear that pop
cause i got niggas that will buck shots at ya house
and theyll even fuck yo spouse
aight so now little man this is the last one
you really dont want none of this son
yeah i got pulled over by a cop oh yeah i lied
but who was the pussy that almost cried
it damn sure wasnt me
and if i remember correctly it was the dkc
yeah i got chased by campus saftey
trouble is my middle name not DK pussy
yeah ill take that five and use it
so i can give it to yer mom for those beautiful tits
yeah i forgot to pay that hoe for that last screw
she said she was gonna use it on you
she was gonna buy u another fake ass chain
son correct yo style and dont take my name in vain
when i come at least i come correct
please dont piss me off and make me pull out my tech
dont you ever fuckin play me cause yer startin to piss me off
yo faggot ass is mad soft
speakin of soft i do remember alittle somehtin u mite wanna forget
it was when kiki wrestled u and busted yo neck
oh shit dave just got beat up by a girl at tai's place
damn son after that shit u needed to fix yo face
you started cryin like a little pussy
damn son i can believe u tryin to test me
matter of fact i dont wanna even continue this battle but please dont miss me
ima let kiki finish u off cause u a little bitch ass pussy

Alright, that's it, 
This battle is ending right now
Cuz no one ever talks about my mom's "beautiful tits"
Are you crazy, son?
I'ma bust you up, like wow
And what's this I hear about that big, black cow?
Her name was Kiki
And she wanted to wrestle me
She wanted nothing with your punkass
In fact, she wanted to get in the DK's jeans
Shit, I wouldn't give it up like that
I'd just make her wait
But of course she beat me, fool
She's fucking three times my weight!
In fact, it wasn't wrestlin'
She was goin' at me like I was her fucking birthday cake
But son, I gotta stop this
She shouldn't be a part of this
And what's this I hear about my fucking necklace?
At least I can afford one, you Joker-whatever jest
The only time you have one, is when I cut yo' head off
And then you really be fucking neck-LESS!
And look at your clothes son
What do you fucking have on?
Brightass, Hawaiian polyester crap
And no, that ain't shirt feeling mad loose
Nah, that ain't the case
In fact, its actually trying to run from your ugly face
So I know you ain't got enough balls to continue it
Hell, I fucking wish you'd bring it
Come on!
Your balls ain't nothing compared to my wontons
So son, just remember this last damn chuck
You're a fucking dumb fuck
In fact, you just fucking suck


DK vs. Di - Round 8

son didnt i say i was done
now u makin free another one
please man just let me go to bed
cause if u dont ima fill you wit lead
nigga please ya rhymes are dead
man didnt u hear what i just said
son please dont play this game cuz now you fuckin wit a dallas maverick
son yer just a loser knick
ill cross you like AI and shoot it in yo face like mcgrady
who is this kid who thinks he can play me
when the hell did i ever wear a hawaiian polyster shirt
damn nigga wtf u talkin about u need to stop eatin that dirt
i mean salty ass pussy is what u like to call it
son fuck this rhyme gimme yo fuckin wallet
im rob you like the little bronx science bitch that u are
son mia have you hatin me from afar
dont you know that im a fuckin star
damn son you gettin cornier and cornier
damn son you gettin bonier and bonier
its cause im suckin the life outta sknny ass body
damn son
yo soul is mine bitch im the ghetto shang sung
and no yer not that bitch ass liu kang
so please go back to eatin that satly pootang
lets just end this right here
cause seriously u need to just fear
c'mon ya little queer
ya makin me mad
this is startin to get really sad
you fuckin wanna be jin
you know you cant do it so please stop rappin
ya fuckin one minute man
u wish u can fuck like i can
yo im tired of battlein son
so this is my last one
ima rip you like LL did canibus
so that you know that u cant handle this




DK vs. Bao - Freestyle Battle

Round 1  Round 2  |  Round 3


DK vs. Bao - Round 1

DK (small stuff that started the battle)
Yo skillz are wack, foo
Go learn some new shit
And better start giving up and stick wit yo handyman tools
Cuz all your designs look like my cum on my dick

yo DK, you'd betta check yo self
u don't know who u messin' wit
unlike u, it's the truth i spit
don't be mistaken, the handyman will fix ur broke ass
u'll end up with the rest of the nyc trash
u've got no rhyme or reason
ur whack raps are like treason
u betraying urself
do urself a favor
turn around and don't look back
wait a minute
was that a quick jack? - cum on your dick?
my nut stay in ur girl's mouth
she stay screamin' my name loud...


DK vs. Bao - Round 2

They call you Bao
Cuz your mom used to be as big as cow
You got a hot sister I wanna bang everytime I'm in yo' house
But here's a little something that you should know
She loves my Chinese sausage and teabags in her mouth
And besides that, yo 
You've got web design skills that ain't worth jack
Man, your sites are all so bland
My grandma can design better with just one hand
Man, you gotta listen
You gotta add some color
Make that shit glisten
Be like me, and just be butter
Cuz I'm on a roll, son
My sites are nice
And my rhymes are tight
People be saying "Oh wow!" to DK's site
So just go back to fixing shit and talking about ROM
Cuz I wish I could speak your language, kid
But in plain English, just take your sorry ass back to 'Nam

yo kid after i'm done with you
you'll be bow'ing down to bao wow
ur style is as whack as u r
i know, i've seen u in ur "car"
my sister's hot, and what
she wouldn't be seen with ur sorry butt
chinese sausage = dogs and cats
tea bags are for british aristocrats
so my webdesign skills aren't all that
my lil' bro can design a site that would get u real dissapointed
like the time u found out the muscles didn't come with ur muscle shirt
anywayz, enough about family
now back to u and me
the whack mc versus me, killer B
broke ass freestylin' cause it's free
be aware my rhymes will bring u to ur knees
heed my advice, go back to rolling dice
at least then u'll be with ur mother, on the corner
u say ur on a roll, well i hope ur girl gets that weight problem under control
ur rhymes r tight because ur squeezing them out of ur ass
face it, these whack rhymes will only put u in one place, last...


DK vs. Bao - Round 3

Killer B?
Bitch please
Your muscles ain't shit compared to me
Mine are fucking as hard as rocks
As compared to your soft, mushy titties
Man, I know you be sweatin now
Wishing that you hadn't answered back
Fearing that the DK will mess you up like wow
Man, there's just so much shit to say about you, Bao
But I'll be nice and just stick wit your name
Cuz it fucking sounds like someone moaning in pain
Now speaking of names,
Where did you get yours?
Did your mom go down the street
To a local whore store?
She sucked a dude real crude
Slurpin on his dick like it was potato cream soup?
Then she'd be "Shit I can't talk now
It fucking hurts in my mouth
Must've been all that cock-suckin
Ah well, I wonder what I'll call my child
Oooh I know, it'll be the next sound I make
Think I'll finger my mouth..." 
And what do you know?
Out came "bowwwww!!"
Man, your name be mad funny
But its good for you
Cuz you can make mad money
When dumbass fans start surgin'
All you gotta say is, "My name's Lil' Bow Wow"
Yeah sure, the old, fucking, non-black version
Shit, even he raps better than you
And he's fucking eleven, too (I don't know and don't care about his real age, like I give a shit)
So stop while you can, foo
And go grab yourself a new Philips tool
Cuz your rhymes just ain't workin'
Just like that new shit you made, 
Oh yeah, that 2-footed stool

you always be talking about how girls want that DK flavor
when we all really know it's dick u savor
i bet all ur rock hard muscles attract a lot of guys
fucked in the ass while MIA, then giving ur girl allibies
no bitch, the name means hurricane
it should be feared, like pain
it seems like u need a little lesson in respect
like how everytime i see ur girl, her knees hit the deck
tell ur girl to stop calling my numbers
cause i sure as hell am running out of rubbers
does ur girl have fish in her coochie?
cause i hear that shit is salty
oh wait, wasn't that u who told me?
i can tell u there are "sea-men" in her mouth tho
telling u kid, i would be better as a friend than foe
but it's too late now, u already made the mistake
sooner or later u'll be floating in the lake
i ain't lyin' just ask miss cleo
she'll tell u what she knows
it's a shame ur wastin' ur last breath on these whack lines
when u know u should be treasuring these last times...




DK vs. Danh - Freestyle Battle

Round 1  |  Round 2


DK vs. Danh - Round 1

Danh (its pronouced "yang")
Check dis foo, DK flava?
Ya ain't nothin but a wannabe playa
Whack ass lines on yo busted neighba
Ya used up, dried out, dun pout
Ya made the mistake runnin down this route
Cuz there ain't no doubt
Ya up 'gainst Master D, lemme set you free
Cuz nobody knows what the hell you be
Runnin yo mouth how you hardcore CS
Yo, that shit BS, imma leave you in pieces
Cuz you playin, that shits fake
Nothin at stake, quit dreamin for goodness sake
Ya gotta be awake, b4 yo ass in da lake
Cuz ya ain't close to gangsta, ya just a wangsta,
Loser prangsta, come here, lemme SPANK YA

These days, everyone wants a piece of me
"Now which easy target do I see?
Why its the DK! Yeah, its him I can beat"
Man, simple enough, I say fuck you
And to your VSA crew too
Yeah, I know you wanna give all of them a ride
The girls and even the fucking guys
Cuz you a halfway homo, you simply bi
Me, a wannabe playa?
Shit... everyone knows that you just a ACS betraya
Showin' up to meetings and not doing shit
Then you go back to VSA screaming, "Oh I'll do it!"
And what's this you saying you wanna spank me?
Your mom did enough last night,
Must I get spanked sexily by the entire Danh family?
Biotch, please!
The whole world knows you just a gay fuck
Lookin' like a Chinese wannabe
Shit, you just wanna give all the VSA members a dick-suck
And don't talk shit about my CS, please
I'm so good, people watch my demo and say
"Whoa, watch'em again, please rewind these,
while I try these against the other team"
So, newbie please
I'll put so many holes in you
People will be asking you for swiss cheese
Fuck that, I'll just smack you upside the head
Hit you so hard, your girl's fetus
Be like, "Oh Jesus"
And what's with the "D" in "Master D"?
Oh well, guess we all know that your parents couldn't spell
So now I know you ain't got shit to say
So to you I bid you, "a fuck you, but have a nice day"


DK vs. Danh - Round 2

ain't nobody wanna piece of DK
comebacks of "ooh, you so gay"
nigga pleez, o geez, ya just a tease
"easy target", dat's whatchu be
givin it up so damn free, yo stop touchin me!
i dun swing like dat, ya just a pussy cat
no, wait, my bad, dun hate
ya the Donkey Kong, ching and chong,
mite as well be anotha wong
just an ass crossed wit a hairy ape
ya be standin there wit yo stupid ass gape
dis ain't no ACS skit, nitwit
dis be the illest of da spit, ready to hit,
imma have you lit, soon ya be in a hissy fit
rememba da fashion show? ya ass be chasin dat hoe
ya know, even in a play, nobody wanna give DK a go
cept dat nigga, jumpin yo ass like tigga
imma pull da trigga, end you fast
ya can't last, cuz yo ass in dreamland
holdin yo gun wit one hand, o damn,
my bad, both on yo nads, ya so sad
dis be the real deal, go have yo last meal
dis aint no CS, ya gotta assess
mayb ya can blow dem teams real well
i kno you dun kiss and tell
but yo, get back to reality, ya gonna put holes in me?
puLEEZ, ya gotta fire that many times
just to compete wit my rhymes
all i need is one shot, and ya caught on da spot
ain't gotta use heavy artillery, just a pistol to make you pee
oops, yo pants be wet again, grow up, be a man
can't be tellin me what imma fuck dis and fuck dat
that shit's old and whack, come back wit anotha attack
ya dun phase me at all, ya gonna trip and fall
cuz dis be MASTER D, who i be? yo MASTER, yo DISASTER
my name be glory, ya be tellin yo kids this story
of how yo twinkie ass shit anotha brick, holdin yo rubba stick
straight to the bottom, rotten, simply forgotten
cuz ya ain't no slim shady, just a prissy lady
common thief compared to the lyrical assassin
ya can't win, imma have ya in a pin




DK vs. Christina - Freestyle Battle

Round 1  |  Round 2


DK vs. Christina - Round 1

Boy quit tryin to free
stop trying to be somethin you just cant be
cuz this rap game just aint for you
leave it son cuz your shits been done
like I said D already won
cuz your shit is whack
tryin to cheat n shit
what the fuck is that?
you had your chance with bao for battling
but then you go ahead and lost it with all your chattering
now this bitch is just battlin
tryin to get this dick off rattling 
rhymes n reasons that come out yo ass 
when all you really do is just pass gas
cuz i be the only chick here in the ROC
breakn your shit like countin down 123
so for now just go to back to NYC

Oh no, Christina wants to start some shit too!
Stupid please, don't you know this a man's game
And it ain't fit for a baby girl's shoes?
Girl, your style is SERIOUSLY wack
Yeah, I'm about to diss your rhymes and your slutty clothes too
But guess what? Chris told me you were awful in the sack
Saying how you don't want to take it from the back
Girl, he's a drug addict
Just let him snort some of your flaky ass-crack!
So bitch, you really got to know
Your boy, Chris, he ain't nothing compared to the Kuo
Sure, he be making some dough
But I know he ain't about to spend it on this loud hoe
Shit... Saying, how your bra size is a C?
Bitch please
Don't flatter yourself
We all know your breasts can barely fill up some B's
And what's this I see, that you teaming up with Di?
He looks like he got herpes.
And your loudass looks like you've got rabies
So together, y'all can make some ugly, no-talent babies
And you're saying that I steal rhymes, so you can be a winner?
Fuck that
At least I wasn't stupid enough to get caught stealin' some microwave-able dinners!
So forget you and your nastyass crack
And forget your tiny, flat rack
Cuz you just ain't ready for me
Shit, not you, Danh, Bao, or that bum, Di!


DK vs. Christina - Round 2

awh shit chris done flipped out now
whatcha gon do 
take a shit and rough draft your shit 
your so called 'wits'? 
cuz i know how you be schemin
askin people for your opponents history
cuz you just cant flow with the chemistry
you take 120 minutes to write your shitty shit shit
what the fuck kid
your shit is brick like the shit you shit 
dont get all all mad u dumb d cat
that i got a man
when what you really want is chris's big wang
u told me yourself
who chris oh im such a big fan
man you such a hater
just cuz all u get is fugly bitches to cater
i know the tv dinner was not cool
but i was hungry fool 
u just mad cuz u got screwed
when u all u got to eat was that nasty ass pussy u chewed
speakin of eating pussy your ass needs to floss
and quit askin me to use my lip gloss EW
and about my breasts
man u just jealous that u dont got a chest
what do u know about boobs
when all youve had is sausage tubes
down your throat
i know u still washin it down with soap
oh please dave why?
when all you really want is some guy
filling your little pink pie
since this is the time i can call you gay
uh finally cuz all i wanna do is call u that all day




DK vs. Flychunjae - Freestyle Battle

Round 1


DK vs. Flychunjae - Round 1

ChunJae out to rule you all
even when i gotta piss in the bathroom stall
i know dk be there stealin my beautiful rhyme
but shits so good he'd be out of time
i know you want my rhymes like you want pussy and tits
but knowing your knowledge, you got none like the hobbits
i outta send you a mp3 of me freestylin like a pro
then you know you brain is too fucking slow
man i ain't gonna talk out bullshit counterstrike
it's a game only fucking losers like
man you know shit about that game
you thought mp3 was the gun's fucking name
i don't even wanna watch your screen shots or replays
cuz i know this game's jus a child's play
i'm surprised dk didn't turn gay
cuz i know when you playing that shit shooting wit a gun
i'd be in my bed with my girl shooting out cum
man why you be boasting about your small ass cock
if the girls see it they'd be in shock
they gonna need a telescope to see
fuck man everyone knows dickless people can't be a mc
so go back to china and row your boat in the yangtze
with that small dick you can't even be a trainee
so you wanna stop the rappin or should i kick your ass across the fucking sea
yo even george fucking foreman would guarantee
that your ass is never gonna beat me

Now I've got one quick shout-out I need to say
"Flychunjae is one big, fucking gay!"
You be doing guys your size, all quick and hasty
In fact, you get more fucking dick than Mr. Tracy (from Dick Tracy, durr...)
You ain't nothing compared to me
And I say that shit literally
Cuz you a smallass little Asian
Compare my balls to your fucking raisins!
Now you always said how you can kick my ass
When you very well know, who's got the blade in his hands
I'll cut you up in nice, little pieces
And fucking send any master chef to weepin'
Cuz man, its about time someone maimed yo' face
Even ugly, gay dudes be like "he looks like my fucking waste"
Cuz yo' face be disgusting
What blind girl have you been hustlin'?
Whoever she be, its probably your face she be humpin'
And you, shooting out cum?
Man, you never know when to pull the trigger
Hell, your girl be like "Use your thumb, its bigger"
So just remember this, you Korean, PLEASE
That I'm getting much better and I'ma be a nice MC
So go home and go ride your damn bike
Cuz this rap stage just ain't for you
Fuck that, you can tippy-toe and still not reach the mic
Fucking Tike




DK vs. 65 Cent - Freestyle Battle

Round 1  |  Round 2  |  Round 3  |  Round 4


DK vs. 65 Cent - Round 1

Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
You got a bitchass name, your name is George
Man, don't you know you sound like a homo male whore?
Who's been sucking so much dick
His throat be sore?
Homo gay fag, please
You can't rap against me
I'm the DK
You just mad your friends aren't gay
And don't you know? 
This is as far as you'll go?
You'll never be on stage cuz you a scared little hoe
Cuz you know, You've got Biggie's dreams, but keep you head straight, yo
You gotta think for real
My group be on stage performin' for deals
You just around Suzie trying to cop a feel, oops
Curious George, please
Go eat bananas, take a shit, and wipe yo' ass with leaves
Besides we all know your girl the nasty, hooker-type
Ugly Chinese boy, you're a Rupaul-look-alike
And I know you might hate this
But please get some new damn clothes
Cuz you look like a rapist

65 Cent
Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
yo son you better change your name to 13 cent,
cuz i rap 5 times better than u ever can.
u grabbed a pen and started takin some notes,
when alan taught your chinese ass how to deep throat.
fuckin immigrant, fresh off the boat,
think ur eminem, but ur just a fuckin joke.
who's on my jock tryin to get hot off hip hop,
but do not try to be on top, just stop, and stick to pop.
i saw you doin that backstreet boys shit dont lie,
fuckin grabbin your nuts singin "tell me why",
some n sync shit for you bye bye bye,
so end your life crawl in a hole and wait to die.
cuz you like toilet paper,
use you to wipe my ass, 
and i when i wipe shit on you, i leave you in the trash.
fuck DK, you're D GAY, 
its you thats fuckin gay! yo dunn what the hell is DK anyway?
Donkey kong what?
well u can suck my motherfuckin donkey kong nut.
or i'll stick it in your mama's butt.
and it should fit, cuz her Asshole is so big, 
cuz u stuck it in before just admit it.
u just mad cuz im taller than u, u midget.
yo ill tell your sorry ass why you'll never make it,
cuz when u say "ungh" u sound constipated.
and your faggot ass style is wayyy outdated.


DK vs. 65 Cent - Round 2

Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
5, 65 or whatever cent
You've got the name of a jerk
I guess that's how much you're worth (65 cent!)
Me, I look good in both Asian styles
I can roc the GQ or ghetto styles
Your flow sounds like shit and that's a fucking lesson
I sound so good, I'll go on for 180 seconds
Now I'm straight from the hood of ghetto Ridgewood
Livin' and seeing daily robberies
In fact, you're ass is better off selling buck batteries
Sell one, and you'd be rich
Little bitch
But you can't, no one gives you a holla
You're 65 cents
Your ass ain't even worth 1 stinkin' dollah
Now you better get my name right
You don't, I'm going to end your life
Its the DK foo
Yeah, I'm shorter than you
What you gonna do?
I pack more knives than a kitchen crew
I'll do kung-fu
And drink mad booze
And still be sober to beat your tallass, fool
Now you say I sound constipated?
Man, you sound like you've fucking been sedated
You rhymin' like you just woke up
Saying shit like "I can rap, and what?"
Man, you rhymin' like you got butt-fucked
"Yo... this is 65 cent, ugh
Where my FOB's at? ugh
I know, I make no sense, ugh
Can y'all hear me now?
Why not? Cuz of this tasty dick in my mouth?"
Faggot, don't talk with your mouth full
Now I remember back in junior high school
You had a cello between your legs
Guess it got you ready
Cuz for dick, you started to beg
Went on your knees to enjoy someone's flavah
Then have them be the cello to return the favah
Gay chink, I'll cut you open with my razor
Beat yo ass down like playoff Raiders
Pimp your ass for 65, ya playah hater
And then send you home with no "see ya later"

65 Cent
Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
I shot ya, but i didnt have ta,
you would of hid in caves like them fags wit osama.
u bringing the drama,
cuz i talked about yo mama,
now u kinda wanna catch the next flight back to china,
but you're too broke,
so you hop on the boat.
but they throw u off cuz you smell u cant afford soap.
hey hey,
put a I and a C between DK,
thats spells the shit you suck all day.
Looks like I done did it again,
i made you cry again,
u had to fuckin pump my adrenaline,
i get more excitement nappin then battlin
scrubs like you foo,
dont u know TLC made that song for you.
you you, you chokin i see you turnin blue,
the truth is there aint no room in here for us two.
so take you and the dick in your mouth to another room.
yo now i remember how i first met you,
i mugged you for 65 cents in junior high schoo,
u said "please master dont kick my ass,
ill give you every penny and the HW for french class."
speakin of ass u cant get none, your lyin,
you had to sneak smacks on mina's ass when she aint watchin.
the only ass you pimp belongs to your roomate alan,
dont make me bust you up with my crazy pig latin,
ouryay ayay itchbay nday uckinfay aygay
that means your a bitch and fuckin gay.
the only GQ you got are Gay Qualities,
nigga i aint no chink, im straight up taiwanese.
i rap like i got buttfucked?
u rap like the dick in your ass got stuck,
like "YO im DK im mighty GAY,
I stick cell phones in my ass everday.
George stabbed my eye with a pen,
and I like muscular chinese men."
yo what else u want?
you're too late your out of luck,
my donkey kong dick is already in your mama's butt
i can fuck you up, with 2 hands behind on my back,
and my shoe laces tied to a bike rack,
and 3 lizards hangin off my nut sack.
and on top of that, blind fold me till its pitch black
ill still whoop yo ass from here to baghdad.
so just give up, you nothin but a bitch
you watched fight club just to check out bradd pitt.


DK vs. 65 Cent - Round 3

Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
65 Cent
You're girl's a dirty lady
I make more money
She'll get wit me
65 Cent
You're girl's a dirty lady
I make more money
She'll get wit me

65 Cent, you suck, just admit it
You can't compare to my flow, its wicked
To the beats, I'm wit it
I love fast beats
You're puttin' people to sleep
I need soap?
Man, its you that fucking reek
You rappin' slow, like Mase was on coke
You're a joke
You're style is old
You ignore beats
Man, you trying to rap?
Or your reading from a sheet?
Get some real skllz, fucking coupon
You just say the same shit all over again
Rappin' line after line
Of how you gonna kill me, quit lyin' 
Try to get me back
And get some skills too
Learn how to rap
Cuz you sound like Eryka Badu

65 Cent
You're girl's a dirty lady
I make more money
She'll get wit me
65 Cent
You're girl's a dirty lady
I make more money
She'll get wit me

65 Cent, you're money's been spent
On two potato chips

You like the chorus?
Yeah, I'ma get your girl
Tho she looks like a walrus 
And her pussy smells like fish
But that's alright
I'll eat it like its a sushi dish
Then later on, I'll make my dick unfurl
Cuz I didn't sleep wit your girl
In fact, we were fucking up all night
We were on the couch doing the wild thing, alright
She just couldn't wait
Soon as I walked thru the door, she was like "let's ride"
"Ride that pussy-fucker all night, alright"
She had a pussy that was tight, how tight?
So tight, I called it "virgin night"
And she rode me like a bike
Now lemme tell you son, she was rappin' to me on my Chinese mic

65 Cent
You're girl's a dirty lady
I make more money
She'll get wit me
65 Cent
You're girl's a dirty lady
I make more money
She'll get wit me

65 Cent
Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
this is the story of DK the bitch,
i went to UC where this bitch lives,
after 65 cent was done dave would to slit his wrist,
Now here is how the whole shit commenced,
so act like billy crystal and analyze this.
my monotone voice was made to mesmerize shit,
you listen to my shit and try to memorize it,
but I use this shit to hypnotize u dick, like,
"Yo, Dave, your real name is gay prick,
and you really enjoy suckin on your own dick."
I was kiddin I didn't know D GAY would try it.
then in came his boy band zero talent.
They said " I knew he was gay he gets hard off mickey mouse"
dave embarassed still having his dick in his mouth,
ran away, out the door, and then jetted out the house.
I look out the window and see him jump of the roof,
he slammed against a branch and landed on a lex coupe,
this stupid ass cant even kill himself, he's of no use,
he broke his left arm, both legs, and front tooth
i wish i recorded this shit you've had to seen this,
this motherfucker was still suckin his own penis,
I run outside and see him lickin his nipple,
crippled as fuck, he reaches for his desert eagle.
he took 5 shots 4 feet away all of them miss,
man this scrub really is useless.
I slap him 65 times and when i was done,
he pulled a cell out his ass and dialed 911.
An officer came and said "whats your name kid?"
DK replied "my real name is gay prick"
officer hand cuffed him quick,
and told him to tell that to big bubbah nick
in prison if u wanna be his chick,
Dk yelled goodbye to alan, the owner of his favorite dick.
so in prison, he was everyone's chick and bitch,
every night at seven his asshole got stitched,
the sad part is he loved it, he felt like a winner,
he got cock for breakfast, cock for lunch, and cock for dinner.
It was the best month of his life he sucked about a million,
but then the fed's found out hes an illegal alien.
they deported gay prick back to his hometown china,
he says he loves to fuck girls but hes a liar,
so now he's in chinese jail and he cries and bitches,
cuz he misses the U.S. dick that was eleven inches.


DK vs. 65 Cent - Round 4

65 Cent
Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
Dave was so broke just try to imagine,
a kid too poor to afford education.
I might be worth 65 cents, foo,
but thats worth 65 cents more than you do! yoo hoo,
hot water out the sink is soup to you,
your fat mom got stuck in a hoola-hoop,
I once was sad cuz I aint got no jewels,
but then I met you,
you aint got shoes!
THat explains why that you got cold feet,
i Put out your stoge, you said "who turned off the heat?"
talkin about how I got no beat,
u sit there wit gay porn beatin the meat.
but its not you to blame,
you never even had a single dollar to your name.
You claim to pimp my girl and use her for sex,
how the fuck can you fuck an RSX?
cuz thats my only girl, unless you mean your mother,
that would be even sicker,
it makes you your own motherfucker,
conceited bitch, actin all GQ and pretty,
but you look nastier than your mama's gray pussy,
stupid hoe,
you sloppier than a sloppy joe.
sloppin your cock in the sloppy hole
of your sloppy roomate my nigga alan guo,
sloppily yo!
bony motherfucker go gain some weight,
and your face reminds me of a fuckin garbage plate,
you so tiny u can fly a paper plane,
using your worlds smallest cock to gain fame.
Did i tell you how poor this kid really is?
He uses the same water to shower,laundry wash dishes. 
its okaythough , he never ever ever ever showers anyway,
and he still wears the same shit from 4th grade till this day,
haha, yeah he's still gay,
and as for his dishes, they're always spiffy clean,
he cant afford food to get them dirty, nahmeanz?
you dont know how dumb he is, damn man,
he tried to mail a letter using his food stamps.
u ride your little scooter to schoo,
catch me in rsx type-S, artic blue.
nigga dont even think about replying to me,
ill go to UC and start a killin spree,
punk ass trick,
i heard you sucked two dicks before you sucked two dicks,
what happened next? u sucked two dicks.

Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
65 Cent, 65 Cent
What can I fucking buy with 65 cents?
Two bags of potato chips
And Geo to suck my dick
What you gonna do?
Diss my yellow coat?
Man, you corny as fuck
Even with good lyrics, you just plain suck
Everyone's telling me
Your flow is still whack
Yeah, you gettin' bettah
But I still fart a better flow from my fucking ass crack
You rookie bitch
Think you dissed Tri-Force, you da shit?
Those three pussies ain't got no fucking dicks
And do us a favor please
Don't you ever fucking sing
Saying shit like "yoohoo"
Little boy, you ain't a man!
Or should I call you dear?
Dear, go bendover while Alan here hits it from the rear
And what's up with your raps?
Always talking about how Alan wanting to hit me from the back?
Its probably you that want to get him in the sack
But you already got a girl
Her name's the RSX, Type S, fucking Artic Blue
OMG you're a fucking lame dude
Even if she was real
She wouldn't get wit you
She don't like drivers with big man boobs
And speaking of your friends
Yeah, Suzy's fine
I meant no offence, hun
So please don't take none
Cuz I spit the truth
Yeah, I can be cheaper than a Jew
But if I'm not mistaken, you're the same way too
Cuz, I got a voice
I choose to be cheap
Unlike you, you've got no choice
Because, oh, what happened?
His Black Jack game sucks just like his rappin
Now Geo bitches and moans
Cuz this bitch lost 14 hundred at Turning Stone
This ain't no joke
65 Cent is truly flat broke
He can't even buy stogs
What are you kidding?
You gonna tear me up with your awful flow?
You funny-looking fuck
You should be on stage tellin' jokes
And what is this again?
Get this through your fucking head
We're the same fucking race
My parents are Taiwanese
Get that shit straight
Cuz you're a fucking disgrace
To the whole Chinese race
Ain't no Asian be copying Ma$e
Yeah, I know I replied late
But I got shit to do
Now don't be confused
I ain't doin' you
I see your face turnin' blue
Gaggin, chokin, and tryin' to cough
So just drive on home with your Artic Blue
Just so you know, I cut the fucking brakes off




65 Cent's Diss to Tri-Force

65 Cent
Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
tri force kids was hatin on liquid X man,
is it cuz he made fun of your counterstrike clan?
let me take over and spit the motherfuckin truth,
3 on 1, and he still murdered you.
the fuck did he do to you?
he said nothin and still ripped up your crew,
even asian kid like me raps better than you.
when in doubt just shut your mouth,
you sound like ur from the hot dirty south
but fuck that X already put you to death,
u say breathe easy but u sound out of breath.
i dont know you, i bet you all fat and gay,
hittin up fuckin gracies cleanin out their buffet.
didnt want to butt in but your shit was wack,
in fact, had to pull the plug in the middle of your track.
fuckin fudgepack, tea bag you fags with my nut sack,
tell the doctor that, 3 bitches gettin heart attacks.
i call your mammas not to tell her that u dead,
but instead, tell her i saw tri force giving head.
your mangled, entangled, about to get strangled,
your like "what the fuck?" u stuck in bermuda triangle.

Get down on your knees you suck lyrically so
ill ask you nicely Switch to R n B
fake thug no love i hope u Drop out of RIT
u want beef hope ya get some at gracies
and when i see you im gonna take back the quarter mile
u sweat my style but your just some fuckin geeks
you all gay you play with anal beads

ill take off my belt and begin spank ya
i heard 3 fags tryin to act like gangstas,
fuckin pranksta, Liquid X shouldnt really mind ya
cuz you 3 bitches are the only wankstas.
the fuck you standin up for? stay in your seat,
50 cent must be mad at you, you killed his beat.
you homos rap way too slow and way too low,
like "put X in hot seat to end his flow"
if you so bad what u doin at RIT?
u fatsos like the all you can eat at gracies?
you talk like shootin people is your fuckin hobby
so tell me more about your big crimes and robberies,
and how you killed X and his whole family,
u guys are fuckin liars tellin fakeass stories,
you cant even take a piece of candy from a baby,
and u shit in your pants when u see campus safety




White Russian vs. 65 Cent

White Russian
Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
Get off of X's dick
get his eggroll out your mouth 
why you quick to jump on dumplings
and get right to work down south
end your track like you killed it 
when in fact u didnt swallow 
all of X's duck sauce
son you spilled it
and sucked his eggroll hollow
have a real lyricist
educate you wit the ill shit
you're skilless
and managed to make it straight to the hit list
you heard a rapper named jin
he battles to win
you rhymed this time
hoping to get a taste of liquid's foreskin
your mic quality sucks balls just like you do
you're probably that gay ass asian kid who loves to rock fubu
who sucks cock? you mushu
I wont shoot you
but if you're on the network I'll control alt delete reboot you
Its reported in the recorder
that anal beads were being ordered
your anal needs are a felony
and now you'll be deported
the charge is smuggling dildos across the border
you'll be tortured and contorted
in your country when good and bad are sorted
see race isn't an issue
where as the cum on your face
should come off with a tissue
before I piss on shit and diss you
for making this shit
i took the time sit through
thats it fool
you have no clue what you have gotten yourself into
you must be on some drugs that your boyfriend slipped you
cuz I can beat you with shitty lines and a nasal voice like I'm gonna kick you
Not to mention you're a disgrace to the beat
you're on detention from rit bitch
you're going straight to the street
since you aint straight
you wont hate dropping straight to your knees
when you're some dude's bitch at least your homosexual mate will be pleased
Who the fuck did you think you were fuckin groupie wit no name
only beef you understand is fried wit rice or lo mein
and this beef aint necessary
but if you continue
I'll send you to the cemetary
cuz thats where I'll end you
I hope you got yourself a gun
so you can do it yourself
if you think anyone is shook 
you need some serious help
you're barely worth wasting the breath for this verse
but if you try coming back you'll meet a fate of death or worse

65 Cent
Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
this fag only spit bout dumplings and shit,
u listened to Jin's shit and used it against an asian kid bitch
then i use shady's shit to fuck with u a little bit,
like fuck that shit bitch, eat a fuckin dick, chew on a brick,
and lick a million motherfuckin cocks per second,
should of played russian roulette with your life to end it.
or grab your ankles with your hands and bend the fuck over bitch,
cuz a big yellow dick about to rape your ass quick.
all you talk about is chinese food and yada yada yada,
at least we eat food, all you got is rats and vodka.
my mic suck balls but it dont eat balls like you,
u rock k mart jeans and got the nerve to mention fubu?
you think u gonna win? Niet! u whore,
this shit gettin colder than the fuckin cold war.
i never met you, and dont know who the fuck this whore is,
but ill bet 65 cents ur real name is boris.
and if u think 65 cents is all that i got,
that was just enough to fuck your fatass mama on the spot.
if he aint know i was asian he would of never made that song,
cuz his lyrics would of only lasted 10 seconds long.
liquid X was ill, and tri force was wack,
but he aint wanna battle them cuz they were black.
its cuz you cant rap bout lo mein with them right powder?
nah, it aint that, its cuz he's a fuckin coward.

yeah I did smuggle the dildos this winter,
sold them to hoes u were the top consumer.
told your mother about the dildos and she laughs,
she rather have a dozen chopsticks stuck in her ass.
dork talk about control alt delete reboot,
slap you from the sun dial to the infinite loop,
your simple words needs to be discombobulated,
you got guilty conscience like had u just masturbated,
normally when you jerk off its fine,
but this time you had Stalin on your mind.
What are you anyway? Gay boy wanna spit?
if you are what you eat then you gotta be dick
I got white roomates who left town last night,
cuz they heard your shit, and felt ashamed to be white.
think you Ivan Drago puttin up a fight?
well im bruce lee bitch and ill turn off your lights.
cuz its the real shit, 65 cent is here,
i'll fuck you up worse than a case of beer.
its gettin cold now and you not gonna last,
and im so cold that my nipples cut glass.
cuz its the real shit, white russian is mad gay,
he writes his lyrics at the china buffet.
you wanted to start to beef so now whats up?
treat me like onyx bitch and bacdafukup!



DK vs. Yung

Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
You gotta be kidding me
The Pillsbury Dough Boy wants a piece of me
I'll eat you like those biscuits you make
Anytime, anywhere, and any day
Cuz you know why?
I'm like the BK
I always get things my way
Man, I'll beat you so bad
You'll walk with my foot up yo ass
So please rookie, do not pass gas
One whiff of Yung Leung (pronounced Luck)
And we'd be like, "What the fuck?!
Was that a garbage truck?!"
So please, Pillsbury
Think quick and hurry!
Make up a rap name
And set your mind to the game
Forget those dinner rolls
My meat will put your whole company to shame
Now people know you rap to Eminem
Truthfully, you'll gain more fame eating M&M's
Yeah, that's right, just take a seat
Or I'm gonna bring the heat
Like 98 Degrees
I know you got cold feet
So bitch, do you want to start beef?
Of course you would
If I'm not missunderstood
You'd eat anything with meat
Fuck that, you'd eat anything with four feet
So Yeung Leung, just return to your hood
No one's ever heard you,
But I don't think they ever would

Download MP3 (please right-click and "Save Target As...")
(Mobb Deep-Hell On Earth beat)

neva knew dogs could bark so loud
wut is this asian version of lil bow wow?
bitch u wanna battle wit me?
u gonna get killed gettin high off of me

n my lyrical thesis
cuz u got no business
start shit wut is this?
ching ching wong wong billi bong bong
(wut the fuck?!?) he definately dog paddled from hong kong

actin like a fool cuz he's rappin so loud
nigga dunno his asian accent killed him wen he opened his mouth
wut u been smokin thinkin u can fuck wit this

let me take u to a trip down south
o no not so i can cum in yo mouth
u gay faggot u kno wut u were thinkin about
deep deep deeper
deep throat dick eater

i'm talkin bout lil italy
where we stomp bitches like u 
crush faggots who act like u
no respect for this underground battlin hood
u should've retired wen u still could

now i'm gonna b makin mockery outta u
the closest thing to famous u can get
is a huge ass dick in yur anus u can bet

cuz my rap's so cooler
my voice so smoother
yur rap brings booers
yur voice placed a stamp on yur head and labeled

i ain't thru wit u! BITCH!
this is freestyle battlin n i'm here to kill you!
leave u dying n sufficating in a ditch!

check me out..

1-2-3 and da 4
aint too hard to knock this kid on da floor
i used toothpicks sturdier den u
i spit rythmes betta den u fool
motha fucka i'm gonna snap this twig in two
da fuck u think u can do
to me u jus wut? 99 pounds of meat?
i've seen girls heavier den dis mothafuckin geek
o no not dem plus size fool
i'm talkin bout those anorexic huns
u wish u were 1 quater of n eighth 
closer to the size dat they weigh
n wut da hell u b sayin
bout makin rap names
i am yung luck leung
n i'm proud to carry this name on earth
u on da otha hand must b fearin bout yur origins
too affraid to even rap wit his real name 
D Gay
david kwah!
david wha!?
david kwah!
kwah! kwah! kwah kwah kwah!
sound like a chicken from a den
das where u belong u buck buck chicken
u motha fuckin hen
take a bite outta wut u say
n there ain't no criggin 
u fuckin gay
the deaf sign iller rythmes den u bitch

time tah end this
yur last days are nearin
too late for hidin or fearin
cuz i'm closin in on u
u think u black?
but yur not
u think u can rap
vanilla tried 
jus like him u suck like crap
he eventually died
u a joke
wut u wanna hit me wit?
u gonna choke

wanna throw rocks wit me?
Iíll make u crumble!
Rip u apart 
piece by piece
Until u canít take it no more, 
continue the beating, 
raping u of yur life, 
bring u down to my level, 
crush you like a sprite can, 
bash you in yur face 
and rip yur fuckin heart out!, 
so u BETTA think twice 
before takin me on
Cuz Iím ready to fight 
Iíll take u for a ride 
someone gots ta lose their life
cuz das gonna b u toniteÖ

freestyle battlin?
u goin tah hell from here BITCH!...



Jaded Sun's Diss to DK

Jaded Sun (aka Danh, pronouced Yang)
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yo..get ready to rumble, imma be humble
i'm no rapper, but these words got you stuck on the crapper
like whoa, imma black rob you blind
rewind, and hear me trash you kind
listen, b4 you be missin, me spittin
you write, like you white, you just bite
like tyson, kentucky fried chicken
wait just a cotton pickin...
you black, but you whack, intensity you lack
stay backstreet, dun make me repeat
how's your heartbeat,
it's about to stop, drive-by drop
even b.rabbit comin at you, pop pop pop
down goes one more teeny bop

65 cent? got you spent? you couldn't pay the rent?
just a ripoff wangsta, yo, too much for china's pranksta?
none of yall even close to gangsta,
gotta halfway chink and a tawain trick, 
your role, stay in the dark hole
known as the rock, hear the ticky tock
you two doin time for the crime of imitation rhyme
cuz you ain't hardcore, you're just sore
from rags of "i'm a fag, you're a fag, together we be fags"
think somethin new, cuz you just kids on the block, P U
mayb this be cheesy, but i'm takin it easy
less drama for your mama, i'm not the comma
i'm the dot, puttin you on the spot
you pause, and wonder what was the cause
and you missed it, the illest of the spit
right over your head, my wits make you dead
go back to bed, hear what i said,
back to your dream, where you think you hot like steam
blowin your stack, spittin back to back tracks
up to reality, your free sounds like me takin a pee pee
just piss runnin from a pair of wannabes

it's over, rest in peace

WBC productions (c) 2003



Disclaimer: Any various name calling or foul use of language does not apply to you.  So don't start shit.