Here are some creative writing sites that Writers Realm has found to be well-designed and worthy of bookmarking.  Submit links here.

X-Ponent is a military, scifi, action-adventure novel available for reading online or to be downloaded for later reading. The novel is free, but with a gratuity to the author encouraged if you enjoy the novel.  Check it out, its a good read.

Coffeehouse For Writers
In my opinion, this is one of the best sites out there regarding creative writing improvement.  The site features online workshops (4 week courses for $75), motivation tactics, writing tips, free newsletters, and an annual Short Fiction Contest (monthly contests available March 2002).  It is definitely worth it for those who are seriously preparing to write professionally, so go check it out.  

Creative Communication
This site really focuses on rewarding poetic prowess.  It has poetry contests for teachers and students in grades 4-12.  Winning poems are selected to appear in a hard backed anthology for under $20, which is actually a great deal compared to all the other winning-poem-anthologies out there.  And the site also offers a free newsletter for teachers on tips for teaching poetry.

The Realms of Writers'
This is really an extraordinary writing site.  Its made entirely with Flash so the loading might take awhile.  The site allows you to submit stories, poems, scripts, fanfics, and journals.  You can join the site so that your writings will be up and online without any wait period.    It also has "fun stuff" to do (available to members) and a message board. 

Poetry Fountain
This is a nice site with a lot of classic and love poems written by published authors.  Poetry Fountain also features submitted poetry as well.

Cafe des Poetes
A large literature site similar to Writers Realm, Cafe des Poetes has over a hundred submitted poems, stories, and essays.  They also give o
ut monthly awards to other literature sites.  Very nice...

Steven L. Schiff's Index of Stories
There are a lot of well-written science-fiction short stories here by Steven L. Schiff.  Check it out; he has also added info about HTML and programming.