The Australian Bush
by Barry William Metcalf

The Australian bush is quite unique
In all this world of ours
For there's nothing like our flora and fauna
No matter where one goes.
The stately gums with leaves that droop
Faces hardened by the sun,
And the stringy bark that when aged hangs
Suspended from forks and limbs.
The kookaburra with laughing voice
Echoing through the scrub
Its beak designed for catching snakes,
Its color to hide in gums.
The heath that blooms when Spring is nigh
In colors of pink and white
Heralds the arrival of the season of love,
New beginnings for us all.
The kangaroo with joey ensconced
Within its belly pouch
For many years has been the symbol
Of the uniqueness of our land.
The bottle brush may be quite stunted
As far as other trees may go,
But you will find in its reds and yellows
Colors that enrich Australia's bush.
The platypus has too long been seen
As a creature devised on spec,
Yet he can do what few creatures can--
Live on land and in water both.
So keep your posters of stately gardens
And of snow-capped mountain tops,
I'll fill my walls with pictures of
Our unique Australian bush.