by Gary Chan

One with no hope wishes for nothing
A hopeless person is a happy man
A perfect life with no more needed
To hope too much will only bring grief
Hope can't bring about miracles
Is it better to live life with hope
Or die and abandon all you have
Hope pushes us and makes us stronger
It's our motivation and our weakness
It gives us something to live for
Something to look forward to
Fulfill what we can and leave the rest
Don't wish for any miracles
Or you'll be forever depressed
Just waiting on your hope

I held onto mine tightly
With great patience and toleration
It hurts every time when I learn
Each piece shatters one by one
How much more can one endure
When all with meaning disappears
But the guiding light that hid at sunset
Will soon rise again come morning
With it came you, riding the rays
Your eyes met mine, my hope renewed
Was it me you were searching for?
Will you ease my pain and sorrow?
I wait and hope and wonder where it leads