Shall No Longer Listen
by Casey B.

The rain comes down and surrounds my feet 
tantalizing secrets are what I can't keep 
I need to find a place where I can be reassured 
A place where I can go and get in touch with my lord

To listen to the whisper of the master voice 
it is either listen or die, of that I have no choice 
He keeps calling me forward to do his dirty deeds 
To kill all the gracious ones and spread his evil seeds 

To unpurify the earth and mutilate the preachers 
to make the children unholy, and turn against their teachers 
to burn down every church and try to raise the dead 
to gather all the prophets and shoot them in the head 

To locate each and every bible and set them on fire 
To rid God from this planet is his only desire 
To unleash all evil doings onto mother natures floor 
I have decided not to listen anymore 

I will not burn the books that contain Jesus' teachings 
I will not kill the ministers, especially when they're preaching 
I will teach the little children to behave in the schools 
Damn it all Satan, I shall not listen to your rules 

I will make the rules now, I shall not listen to your shit 
Your disgusting display of authority makes me kind of sick 
Gee Satan even I know that you don't have to kill to win 
Why do you think so many people have turned from the life of sin 

My rules are very simple, but yet they're in great detail 
Satan, you will be my servant, and I shall rule Hell!