by Brandi Scott

So much of you we all did gain
Aside of our sorrow, misery and pain
A man born strong 
Grew weak over time
Your eyes were once shiny, but now they are dull
Our lives were once empty but now they are full
You showed us good times
You protected us from the bad
You made us smile 
You made us laugh
We will never think of you as part of our past
You never knew your importance to us
Or how your wisdom guided us with love
With a spirit so bright
Your unforgettable smile
You will remain with us for all the while
A tender soul, you are one of a kind
We were blessed to have you, grandma's great find
We are happy even though you are gone
One day we will meet, here before long
You touched our hearts with your gentle hands
After our grievance, we have come to understand
God takes the very best of us
He opened up new doors for you
He offered you a different view
Now you can live without the pain
Take this chance to dance in the rain
The storm clouds rolled in the day you died
The rain started falling when the sun refused to shine
The sky became dark as our hearts filled with pain
Are tears from heaven what we know as rain?