Once Upon a Crime
by Geren Lowery

Once upon a crime-
We were created,
And from the start,
We were jaded.
I know the world is so,
Man I bet,
They really hate it!

Once upon a crime-
I saw you,
You were walking,
What was I to do?
Your good looks,
They get me through,
Though your thoughts,
I canít construe.

Once upon a crime-
I was walking,
And disclosure,
I was stalking,
Quiet down with
All your talking.
Iím so sorry
If I was gawking.
Itís just that fame,
Is so enthralling!

Once upon a crime-
We were out of time.
You know happy thoughts,
Donít even cost a dime.
The world is no longer,
Very sublime.
No more are we
In our prime.
The end is close,
I hear the chimes.
To many mountains,
For us to climb.

Once upon a crime-
It was over.
So duck and run,
For your cover.
With your lover,
Go ahead and draw,
Your final number.
Donít be scared,
Itís only thunder.
The world should be,
A whole lot funnier,
But itís not.
What a bummer!