Tree of Despair
by Geren Lowery

I am forever asleep in the shade of the tree of despair.
Never again will my mouth taste fresh air.
I hold my problems near,
but the answers are not clear.
There are no signs of friendly life under here.
I am starting not to care anymore,
because you never watch the game,
only the score.

So long I have been here,
my life such a bore.
I'm tired of you beating me,
while I implore.
Release me,
free me,
awaken me from this slumber.
Your voice is so much like thunder,
you have finally awoken me.

Now take me far from this tree.
Even if it kills you,
please do this for me I beg.
I would do it for you,
even with one leg.

To my sanctuary we will go,
I wont tell,
so no one will ever know.
We will be alone,
for so long you see,
this can only happen if you take me from this tree.

I know you have it in you,
but the answer you will say-
Sure I will help you,
Just not today.