You Should Know
David Kuo

You should know 
Your smile means the world to me
Your happiness, my goal
Though together, we may never be
It doesn't matter 'cause you fill my soul

You should know
That I'm happy just to talk to you
Giddy just to see you
And when I'm right there with you
I'm overfilled with joy and comfort too

You should know
My eyes would never wander if we were to be
And they will never have reason to
For as far as my eyes can see
For you are the most beautiful and pleasing one to me

But I should know
Whether or not to tell you what I feel
Might I lose you as a friend
Or gain something that could be very real
But if one was to happen, what then?

I should know
How you really feel about me
Do you just see me as a friend
Someone to be with and nothing more?
Or are you really thinking about me and just as torn?

You should know...