Tearless Curse
David Kuo

The anguish I feel sometimes, I cannot bear
Though tearless, I can tolerate oh so much
You talk and act like you just don't care
And now, my blood boils at your very touch

I can't believe the stuff you now say
So different, so changed, so very un-you
And now when you ask, "how was your day?"
I simply say, "fine", but how very un-true

I had pondered in pain of what you were up to
Perhaps on one of your schemes to hurt me so
I cringed at the thought of what you could do
But laughed at the memory of that very "no"

Yes, you destroyed me with that small word
My love, my infatuation, you made me die
But the joke is on you, my sweet curse
We were fools, but now only you shall cry