Is It So Hard to...
by Leon Terrix

     Is it so hard to ask a girl out? For all you players out there, I don't want an answer. You see, I am one of those people who spent his entire life in the book piles. I don't know anything about the opposite sex. Now if you have read my other story, you will have even a better idea on what a klutz I am, when it comes to girls that is.
     Still, I took another step toward manhood during the post-Karolina period. There's this girl I am really interested in. And so that I do not intrude on her privacy by revealing her heavenly name, we will from now on refer to her as Ms. X. She's one of those girls who gets high grades in school.
     During the past year, I have gotten to know her. Hell, I had five classes; she was in two of them. And as for the third class, we had the same teacher. We sat together in the two classes. We talked often, but that was as far as I went. 
     One of those days, near the end of math class, one of my friends shouted, "Hey Leon, did you ask Ms. X out yet?" The classroom suddenly became very quiet. This kid named Jeff was laughing so hard that he fell off his desk. In fact, the whole class laughed. Even the teacher was cracking up. I turned around to find Ms. X blushing. Of course, being the good actor that I am, I played dumb...
     Soon after that fiasco, the whole school managed to find out. I didn't have a very good junior year. Everyone would be asking me how Ms. X is doing. The same guy who started this, the bane of my existence sent her flowers in my name. Can things get any better?
     Now that the summer is almost over, I got paid from my job. I asked her to lunch. Not a date, but to celebrate my first pay. She said ok, and that was that. 

     Another thing, one must be faithful to the girl he likes. Never ever try to hit on two girls at the same time. It's just not right. Take the dude from Simon sNowlock's new story: "Now What...", I happen to know this "Lucas" character in real life. I also happen to know that this Lucas should be condemned to hell. Why? He attempted to hit on two girls at the once. He likes this girl in school, and at the same time, he's hitting on the Greek nymph at his office. What a bastard. He's a disgrace to us males. My friends, Lucas deserves to go beneath hell. Not a very moral person. 
     At the conclusion of this non-sense, and possibly boring story, well, there is really nothing to say. Shy guys: just be yourself and go with love and courage. In another word, grow some balls and take that first step. Even if it's just lunch.