Dancing With Dad
by Velvet Cheramie

Somewhere in my childhood I stepped into my father's arms to dance, 
I know that I had waited impatiently to be given this chance.

Dancing with him recently a profound thought crossed my heart, 
In that precious moment I knew from his arms I'd never have to part.

The music was slow and filled with such sadness and pain, 
Funny, I felt only joy, no grief or disdain.

Immediately he took the lead and moved us smoothly through the song, 
His embrace was gentle and loving yet amazingly strong.

Glancing up I saw that he wore a serious look on his face, 
His focus was immovable, not missing a step or varying in his pace.

Moving through the crowd we never came close to even stumbling, 
My dependency on him was very much humbling.

As the song ended we drifted off to the side, 
I felt sad and some what hesitant to abide.

That's when the Lord spoke up and He said, 
"Dance With Me, I can provide all this and more constantly."

"When the songs of your life seem so slow and painfully sad, 
Step into the arms of your Heavenly Dad."