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Name: David Kuo
Born: November 25, 1983
Location: Rochester
Occupation: Student at R.I.T.
: DK Domain
Favorite Site: 2advanced
Favorite Quote: "When in doubt, mumble." - George X.

I like...
Eating, playing Counter-Strike and stealing other people's kills, dancing (any kind), Tupac's rapping, Eminem's rapping, singing easy boyband songs, Spider-Man, using hotkeys so everything I do on the computer is fast, designing websites (still trying to make them look professional), 

I dislike...
Reggae music, sweating like a pig even though I'm just walking, cramps, long dumps, teenage wannabe-thugs.

Say Whatever...
So hungry...


Title Type Words Date
Tearless Curse Poem 140 05.25.02
You Should Know Poem 171 05.14.02
Spring Poem 81 06.13.00
Chess of Life Poem 91 08.30.00
Dream Breeze Poem 109 01.12.00
The Uprising Poem 99 02.01.01
School Library Poem 66 02.13.01