Vietnam Notes
If Writers Realm had some sort of "writing-of-the-month award", this would definitely win it.  Flynn illustrates his unnerving days in Vietnam during the war in a realistically scary fashion.  Though never in the "front lines", Flynn details how the everyday duties were dangerous and simply unbearable at times.  Here's a small excerpt, "For the first time I realized that it was no game, it was all too real. Nothing and nobody can save me if I get careless. Whatever our age, childhood is over the day we lose that sense of immortality, and it never comes back."  Enjoy.

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Revamped Writers Realm in the works -  06.01.04
Well, its official now: a new and improved Writers Realm is now under way.  Basic WR functions still remain along with a whole slew of others, including writing tips, story-continuations, and more!  So keep submitting writings and expect a new Writers Realm (under a new working name) in about 2-3 weeks.  

New site in the future? -  11.17.03
Perhaps there might be a new "Writers Realm" in the future, I'm not sure yet.  I still have all the submissions I've received since the last update and I plan to publicize them along with the new site.  We'll see...  In the meantime, keep submitting!

Lots of writings -  12.19.02
Still no update yet because I'm just flooded with submissions right now.  I'm really surprised because I used to get around 1 writing per week, but now its around 2!  Anyways, keep submitting and I will eventually get around to update the site.  

Updates soon -  09.24.02
Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been pretty busy and not to mention, lazy for the past two months.  Writers Realm will be updated shortly so keep submitting your writings.  I've received about 30+ writings over the past two months, so its going to be a while to get them all up.  So be patient and keep writing!  

Some updates -  07.15.02
X-Ponent, a online novel, has been added to the Links section.  Its a good read, so check it out.  

I also really recommend Vietnam Notes by Robert Flynn.  Find out why (up there) in the featured writing area.

If you've submitted a good amount of writings and plan to submit more, please read about Author Profiles and perhaps submit a profile of your own.  It takes no more than 5 minutes and it gives the readers a chance to know a little something more about you and even contact you through email.  

Last but not least, those two 88x31 buttons on the right side are links to my sites.  They're not related to creative writing in any way.  DK Domain is my online art gallery and Pixel Kitchen is a collaboration site with a friend to showcase some our art.  Check 'em out.  

Why it takes so long -  05.14.02
To those who submit writings, you all must be wondering what takes me so long to post up your writings.  Well first off, the submissions work as form-mail.  The writings get delivered to an email address that I check like twice a week.  Then I read and also proof-read every writing.  I make sure its of decent material and has no glaring grammatical or spelling errors, which I do correct when I see one.  I also have to update a lot of pages just for one writing, but I guess that's because everything about this site is manual.  In addition to all that, I'm a college undergrad with lots of work to do.  And of course, schoolwork first.  Thanks for everyone's patience and keep submitting; I really enjoy reading them.  

Another update -  05.07.02
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been really busy and lazy for the past few months. 
All submitted writings since the last update have been posted up on to the site.  Have fun reading them and keep on writing and submitting your works.  They'll be posted... eventually.

Back alive again -  01.09.02
It has been a very long time since the last Writers Realm update; over 3 months.  Well, I'm going to start updating this site more often so keep sending in your writings.  For this update, 5 poems have been posted up.  In addition,
Creative Communication, a poetry award site, has been added to the links section.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago, I lost everything saved on my computer.  So for those who've submitted writings within the past 2 months but has not seen them posted up, please re-submit them.  Thanks for your patience.

Finally!  An Update! -  10.03.01
After a long hiatus, Writers Realm has finally been updated.  Eight writings have been added, including the 2nd and 3rd chapters to "Nightmare In Alive Springs".

If you're interested in the reason why Writers Realm hasn't been updated for awhile, its because I'm in college now.  I've been busy for the first few weeks so I haven't found the time to update it, let alone read the submissions.  I was lazy too.  Anyways, they're all done now and any future writings submitted will be reviewed quickly.  

If you think your poem is good enough to win you some money, then submit it to  They have daily $100 winners and I think a monthly $1000 winner.  Not to brag or anything, but since we're on the subject, my Dream Breeze poem has made it to the semi-finals.  Yeah!  I'll inform everyone if it wins.  If not... I'll keep trying. 

Writers Realm now hits 24! -  08.14.01
Writers Realm has now been receiving a steady stream of well-written writings over the past few days.  Thanks to your submissions, Writers Realm now has 24 writings (WR began with 14 from the original site)!  There hasn't been any site changes recently, but expect a forum sometime soon.  As for all active writers on Writers Realm, thanks for your submissions and keep writing!  If you'd like, submit an author profile while you're at it.  Have fun.

Writers Realm is complete!  -  07.31.01
Welcome to Writers Realm, the resurrected version of The Story Domain!  The same slogan applies, so "Submit your writings for online publication!"  Very few of the writings from The Story Domain were published here in the realm, but new writings were added, such as
Derek's TiVo Winning Essay, Dream Breeze, School Library, and The Uprising.

Writers Realm is also currently scouring Deviant Art for the brightest and highest rated stories.  So enjoy and start rolling in with the submissions!


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